The Elite’s .01% 50 year plan, to get all the money to the top, is working.   I will hereafter refer to this group simply as EL (the first two letters of elite).  Ancient deities known as EL include the supreme god of the Canaanite and the supreme god of the Mesopotamian Semites who worship the material world over the spiritual and has the bull as its symbol of God.  According to the EL’s 50 year plan, there is to be new era of great decline in economic equality, where the poor get poorer and ‘the rich take it all.’

The project began in 1968 under Johnson and later Nixon administration’s by eliminating gold as a backing for the dollar and for floating world currencies, which has now gotten the price of gold from $35 an ounce to above $1,200 an ounce. As the average citizen doesn’t hold gold, only EL has benefited. In the 1980’s EL and his allies on Wall Street, got to help commercial banks by eliminating the competition of the Savings and Loan industry. They did that purposely by selling the S&L’s junk bonds, which became worthless; causing the S&L’s to go bankrupt. To further help the commercial banks, EL and the Wall Street group got ‘branch banking’ approved, so that now banks are as convenient as your local coffee shop.  Before branch banking, deposits were held in thousands of small local banks. Now, only 10 banks control some 50% of total deposits.

EL’s plan has also worked to eliminate company Pension Plans and substitute a privatization plan for retirement, based on stock market performance. Except for municipalities, company pension’s plans are now toast and the private 401K retirement plans are the only alternative. This has taken the burden and expense of retirement off the corporate books and according to the plan, the public now associates their success with ‘Corporate America’.  Also according to plan, America’s corporations have become international entities, having no loyalty to their country or their workers and have priorities only for their officers, with CEO salaries 500 times the average worker. They are hoarding cash and profits and buying their own stock back, rather than expanding their business.  If corporations were people, they would be called sociopaths, which are only interested in their own gratification. On occasion corporations merge with each other, making huge buy-out profits for it officers, while reducing employees and creating more powerful and influential international corporations.  EL’s plan is for individuals to be basically only investing their retirement funds through mutual funds, which the banks now control.  Small brokerage firms have been eliminated and the financial industry is controlled by Wall Street’s large banks.

As planned and with the help of President Clinton, EL’s Wall Street group in 1999 eliminated the Glass Steagall Act that separated banks from investment banks. The 2007 plan; to get the individuals equity out of people’s homes and into EL’s pockets was very successful.  The banks liberalized their home loan policy, under a subterfuge of helping everyone to own homes, which in reality, they really couldn’t afford. Then Investment Bankers packaged these mortgages into worthless CMO’s securities and sold them to their clients and in anticipation of a Real Estate market collapse, and at the same time shorted these securities in their corporate account.  In addition, at the same time, they made profits and fees from mortgages they wrote and securities they packaged.  You say there should be a law against this outrageous breach of trust? There was. The law called the Glass Steagall Act.  This unethical strategy, because of the bad loans, eventually put the commercial bank’s balance sheets in trouble. However, as EL had planned, the government would not allow the banks to fail, as they are ‘too big to fail’ (and too big to jail), and put the burden for their relief on tax payers, further weakling the Middle Class.

Today, the stage is set for the final stage of EL’s plan to take all chips. The public is heavily invested in the stock market under ‘Wall Street’s’ and the financial Industries’ motto, ‘Holding for the long run, always works out.’ Trained like ‘Pavlov’s Dog,’ investors have full confidence in the stock market and its recovery attributes and the advantages of mutual funds. What is George Soros doing? He is one of 30 richest people in the world and has made most of his money in the markets. In 1992 he made a $1 billion profit by shorting the British Pound and predicted the 2008 crash. In January he said, “China has a major adjustment problem. I would say it amounts to a crisis. When I look at the financial markets there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008.” What is he doing now? He has a $2.1 million ‘put’ on the S&P ETF, a $1 million ‘call’ on gold options and a $19 million purchase of Barrick gold. Soros is not EL, but he knows how to make money off of EL’s plan. The rigged financial industry has made sure the investing public has no popular vehicle for make money on the downside.

The middle class continues to take it on the chin. According to recent data between 2000 and 2014, the middle class shrunk from 55% to under 51%. It’s probably now below 50%. An economy based on consumer spending of the middle class, like the United States, cannot grow without a healthy middle-class. International corporations do well for a while, as they are now. But eventually, I feel the present economic environment will lead to a deflationary economy, which will hurt all economic levels. The central banks have done everything they can to stop DEflation in Europe and in the United States, with the results that many corporations in Europe are issuing bonds and financing them at close to zero interest rates. What this means, is that central banks cannot stop deflation. If commodity prices and companies engaged in retail sales continue to suffer, their bonds will eventually suffer and therefore the banks that are holding securities will suffer. It will be 2008 all over again, only this time, no government bailout!

China continues to show lackluster economic growth. China’s rate of loans is far above the rate of money supply growth. China’s debt is 2.5 times its GDP. China is using its currency to buy as many companies in the West as it can, while it can. Just as has happened to Japan in the 1990’s, we expect the same deflationary scenario to begin to occur in China. China, has $1.3 trillion of corporate loans, one seventh of the total are owned by companies whose profits don’t cover their interest payments, a problem that could trigger banks losses equal to 7% of gross domestic product. Soros is worried about China, shouldn’t we be? The rating agencies think everything is fine. However, remember these very same agencies rated worthless CMO’s as AAA

A Trump Presidency? My greatest fear is that America will be turned into an oligarchy, similar to Russia. In a recent (Oct 22, 2016) Economist Magazine they describe Putin’s domestic policy to reduce competition to favor his oligarchs. They describe a system he developed which Kirll Rogov, a Russian political economist describes as “soft legal constraints.” To quote from the Economist Magazine, “It involves writing the rules in such a way that to observe them is either prohibitively expensive or downright impossible to follow, then handing out licenses to break those rules to the oligarchy.” Doesn’t this sound exactly like what has happened in our financial industry? The SEC and FINRA have made the rules (compliance) to run an independent brokerage firm as either prohibitively expensive or downright impossible to follow. In this way, the government has eliminated independent competition and has turned over the entire financial industry to the banks and large financial institutions. They allow Wall Street  to break the rules for the cost of a small fine, as compared to the large profit that they made in breaking the rules. In this way the large financial institutions feed the SEC, that guards their monopoly.  In my opinion, a Trump presidency would function without restraints, favoring his buddies, causing the United States  to look more and more like Putin’s Russia oligarchy and its economy, dominated by the privileged few 400 families (top tenth of 1%).

Trouble is coming from somewhere. I don’t know from where and I don’t know when, but whatever it is, it will probably come as a surprise. Maybe it will take years to happen. However, Soros and I see that the stage is set for a financial collapse and the average investor has little options to protect themselves.  Of course you are in the stock market; you can’t get a decent return anywhere else. Of course you’re in mutual funds; it is the most practical way to invest. For EL, it is like feeding anchovies to the sharks.


“I can only hope that it never happens. However, the effect of Citizen United reminds me of a three science fiction movies!!!

Rollerball. 1975 movie called Rollerball. It stars James Caan as the sports hero Jonathan, Maude Adams as his ex-wife and John Houseman as Mr. Bartholomew, a high-level executive of the Energy Corporation. The film takes place in 2018, where the word is run as a global corporate state. The Energy Corporation is a global energy monopoly based in Houston, which controls access to all transportation, housing, communication and food on a global basis. Energy Corporation sponsors Jonathan’s team. Jonathan’s wife, Maud Adams was taken away from Jonathan by a corporate executive, which simply exerted his power and took her. The game Rollerball is a substitute for all team sports and for warfare. It is designed to bring euphoria to the masses. While the purpose of the sport is entertainment, Mr. Bartholomew, describes it as having a “distinct social purpose”: to show the futility of individual effort. In order to defeat the individual star Jonathan, The Energy Corporation simply changes the rules, so that Rollerball soon degrades into senseless violence, which nullifies any individual effort with humiliation. In the movie Jonathan emerges victorious against the Big Corporation.  This seems unlikely!”

Handmaid’s Tale, a 1985 book and now a TV Special, The Handmaid’s Tale, a work of  fiction by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. The novel is set in a near-future in New England, in a totalitarian theocracy, which has overthrown the United States government. The Handmaid’s Tale is set in the Republic of Gilead, a theocratic military dictatorship formed within the borders of what was formerly the United States of America. It begins with a staged attack that kills the President and most of Congress with a Christian fundamentalist revolutionary uprising, called the “Sons of Jacob”.   The revolution suspends the United States Constitution, under the pretext of restoring order. The new regime, the Republic of Gilead, forms a new militarized hierarchical regime, based on Old Testament-inspired social and religious fanaticism, which creates newly created social classes, with only the elite ruling. In this society, human rights are severely limited and women’s rights are even more curtailed, as women are forbidden to read. The story is told in the first person by a woman called Offred. The character is one of a class of women kept by the ruling class for reproductive purposes and known as ‘handmaids’.”

Elysium. The 2013 film offers deliberate social commentary, which explores political and sociological themes such as immigration, overpopulationhealth careworker exploitation, the justice system, and social class issues. In 2154, Earth  most of the earth’s citizens live in poverty, on the edge of starvation, and with little technology and medical care. The rich and powerful live on Elysium — a gigantic space habitat located in Earth’s orbit. Elysium is technologically advanced with some of its technology including Med-Bays: medical machines that can cure all diseases, reverse the aging process, and regenerate new body parts. A long-running feud exists between the wealthy residents of Elysium and the citizens of Earth. The earth and its multitudes are destined to perish in pollution, drought and rising seas.”

Phase Three, (In the not too distant future) 1) All classes except the oligarchy will disappear in the financial crisis, sometime after 2018. Congress, this time, will not bailout the banks, as conservative Republicans will reject any government sponsored program. Also, without any strict regulations, the banks will be so deeply in trouble with noncollectable loans and some $350 trillion in derivatives outstanding, that a bailout this time, will be impossible. The banks will close. The New York Stock Exchange will close. The United States government will fail and all functions of government will cease to exist. The only ones that will have any money and power will be the oligarchy. Class warfare will at last come to an end, as the oligarchy will dominate. 2) All national governments worldwide will fail. The oligarchy will then be composed of approximately 2000 selected families worldwide and their Corporations will rule the world. The 2,000 families will hold their estates in walled castles, protected by a paid army. 3) All land and businesses in the world will be owned and ruled by the oligarchy. 4) Most people will be unemployed and uneducated. All those, because of their needed skills, that will have a job, will be Corporate employees and will be designated as serfs or slaves. 5) The world will be at peace at last, as law order will prevail. 6) The oligarchy will eventually move away from earth to either ‘sky lab type 2001 Space Odyssey satellites’, or when it becomes possible, to the moon or Mars. The earth and its multitudes are destined perish in pollution, drought and rising seas.” (Yes I made PHASE THREE up! “Sometimes fiction can be a truer reality, than reality itself”)